Buffalo Green Code June Open Houses

Buffalo Green Code June Open Houses

We’re preparing a new zoning ordinance to shape Buffalo’s future. It’s designed to build on the land use plan that was developed last year, and to make our shared vision for the city a reality.

The zoning ordinance contains the specific and detailed laws that will govern development in our city. Please join us at an upcoming Open House to learn more about how this will benefit your neighborhood and let us know what you think.

Plan to attend the open house where you live or work – June 4-9.

Upcoming Open Houses

Community Date Time Location Address
West Mon, 6/4 6-8:30 pm Lafayette HS 370 Lafayette Ave.
Northwest Tue, 6/5 6-8:30 pm Riverside HS 51 Ontario St
South Tue, 6/5 6-8:30 pm South Park HS 150 Southside Pkwy.
Ellicott Wed, 6/6 6-8:30 pm Montessori School #32 342 Clinton St.
Northeast Wed, 6/6 6-8:30 pm Bennett HS 2885 Main St.
North Thurs, 6/7 6-8:30 pm North Park Academy 780 Parkside Ave.
Central Morning Fri, 6/8 8-10:30 am Central Library 1 Lafayette Square
Central Afternoon Fri, 6/8 Noon-2:30pm Central Library 1 Lafayette Square
E. Delavan-Masten Sat, 6/9 9-11:30am East HS 820 Northampton St.
East Sat, 6/9 1-3:30pm Matt Urban Center 1081 Broadway Pkwy.


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