Public Review Process

As we recently announced, the draft Green Code will be released for public review in February 2014. Below is a breakdown of the process for releasing the public review draft, receiving the public’s feedback, and incorporating that feedback into Buffalo’s new Development Framework.

Draft Development Framework/SEQRA

  • Each component of the Development Framework is currently under review and in the process of being updated.
  • The cumulative environmental impact of adopting the Development Framework is being evaluated under one Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) in accordance with the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).

Public Review

The SEQRA process will include a public review period, providing community members the opportunity to submit official comments on the Framework documents.

  • A draft Development Framework will be presented to the Common Council, requesting that it be accepted as a draft, along with the draft GEIS.
  • Once the draft Development Framework and draft GEIS are accepted by the Common Council, the official public review period will begin.
  • During the public review period, a number of public meetings will be held throughout the city to provide information on the Development Framework and public review process. In addition, the Common Council will hold official public hearings for each component of the Framework.
  • There will be several ways that community members can provide official input on the Framework and its components, including submitting written comments by letter, comment form, email, website, and at official public hearings.

Development Framework Update

Once the public review period is over, the city and its consultants will review and respond to each and every comment per SEQRA. Based on these responses, appropriate revisions will be made to the Development Framework documents and the GEIS.

Development Framework Adoption

Once the revisions are complete, the Development Framework documents and the final GEIS will be presented to the Common Council for adoption.