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New Directions in Zoning

Planning Day
Planning Day

The Buffalo Green Code is entering its second phase this spring with citizens, planners, and consultants turning their attention to the work of actually writing a new zoning ordinance that will shape Buffalo’s regeneration in the 21st century. Mayor Byron W. Brown is firmly fixed on a new code that will make Buffalo more sustainable in the years to come – economically, environmentally, and socially.

Much has happened since last fall when about 400 citizens assembled on “Planning Day in Buffalo” to review the first draft of Buffalo’s Land Use Plan. Staff from the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning reached out to hold additional conversations with neighborhoods that had been under-represented in the initial “Planning Day.” Staff is also working to incorporate citizen input in an updated draft of the land use plan, which will guide the preparation of the new zoning ordinance.

Meanwhile, expert consultants to the Buffalo Green Code conducted a thorough analysis of our existing ordinance. The bad news is that the current ordinance is antiquated, does not reflect the citizens’ vision expressed through Buffalo’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Plan and is every bit as cumbersome, complicated, and confusing as feared. The good news is that the consultants have outlined a clear approach to creating a new form-based code that will promote development that is aligned with the community’s vision, protecting what citizens value about their neighborhoods and city.

Buffalo Green Code April 10, 2012 Presentation

We will follow up in early June with a review of a “first draft” of the ordinance in a series of neighborhood open houses to be held in nine locations around the city (dates, times, and places to be announced) to give everyone a chance to see what the ordinance might look like and to discuss how it might affect your neighborhood, your street, and your property.

As always, your interest, involvement and input is vital to the process.