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Central: Concerns
What are YOU concerned about? Office Vacancies? Nightlife on Chippewa Street? The future of the Statler? Plans for the Waterfront? Designs for "Cars Sharing Main Street"? More downtown housing? This is your chance to express yourself!
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22 Votes      
I am unable to attend the town meetings on reshaping Buffalo's downtown held this week. However, as a young, educated professional who left the area to attend college at the University of Pittsburgh, relocated to Chicago for two years and returned...
21 Votes      
Too many homes along this stretch of Colvin have paved over their front walk in order to create 2 side-by-side parking spaces (the driveway plus a parking pad where the sidewalk to the front door used to be). This stretch of road is turning into...
Darren Kempner
28 Votes      
High traffic volume, a metro stop, and thousands of residents students within a few blocks, but no quality small grocery or other essential commercial within walking distance of Main and Kensington/198 is a shame. Make room for and incentivize...
46 Votes      
Signage along this stretch of Delaware is atrocious: hideous, cheap portable signs on wheels, multiple temporary signs that get stuck in the ground all along the street frontage, those completely out of scale and much too tall pole signs for...
Carole Getz
8 Votes      
In the "Buffalo Green Code" it talks about "...uses that generate traffic, noise or pollution can diminish the value of neighboring properties." Well, that's exactly what's happening to North Lincoln Pkwy. Year in and year out...
Arnold St. Block Club
16 Votes      
The opportunity the numerous remaining vacant lots presents this community is great. From the creation of "pocket parks", to urban agriculture & community gardens, to play spaces for organized sporting activities (many immigrant...
Concerned Citizen
38 Votes      
All the tree wells from about Dodge to Riley on the west side of Main street (in front of Delta Sonic) were filled in with concrete. About 30 spots for trees can now never have trees. How is this permitted? Not sure how you can address this in a...
elm tree gone, upheaved sidewalk remains
25 Votes      
This was one of the old elm trees removed in the area. The tree was removed but the upheaved sidewalk remains. The city was called for stump/root grinding but the trip hazard was cold patched instead.
39 Votes      
What is the best search engine or
Concerned Citizen
29 Votes      
The parking lot next to the oldest tree in Buffalo on Franklin. This is one example, but its found all over town. The property is paved from corner to corner in order to squeeze as much parking in as possible. But if you look at it, there is a...