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North: Concerns
What are YOU concerned about? The design of infill development on Hertel? Big box stores on Elmwood and Delaware? The future of "rails-to-trails"? Traffic congestion on main thoroughfares? Redevelopment along Main Street? Neighborhood connections across Kenmore Ave? This is your chance to express yourself!
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Nelson Spann
7 Votes      
Buffalo really needs to have a City Hall phone number where quality of life issues are actively addressed--case in point--sidewalk shoveling. Business districts like Hertel are pretty well maintained but busy streets like Colvin, Elmwood,...
-4 Votes      
The thousands of people who live here have made it clear repeatedly, that we want the rail land left alone and developed as green space bike/pedestrian trail. Mayor Brown should do what's right instead of what's profitable for him and his real...
6 Votes      
Too many cars from the Amherst area cut through at a high speed in the morning, evening, and especially in the summer. Solution is too close the Kenmore side of Allenhurst to traffic since it does not have a light and many accidents have happened...