Buffalo’s Waterfront Plan

The Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) is a critical component of the Green Code as it will allow the City to tailor state and federal coastal management policies to respond to our specific circumstances and needs along the Niagara River, Lake Erie, Scajaquada Creek, Buffalo River, and Cazenovia Creek.  The LWRP will set forth waterfront development policies, key implementation projects, and strategies to realize the community’s waterfront vision.


Buffalo’s vast waterfront has historically played a principal role in the City’s development and economic success. As part of the Green Code, the LWRP proposes that the City reestablish its waterfront as a thriving and vital part of the community and a destination for tourism and economic activity.


Substantial investments are being made by the City and its private and public partners to improve accessibility, restore the environment, and promote economic development along our waterfront, including:

  • Redevelopment and programming at Canalside, which is leveraging considerable private investment;
  • Brownfield redevelopment efforts at the Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park and RiverBend are providing significant economic development and employment opportunities;
  • Public access and recreational improvements are being made to our waterfront parks;
  • Environmental restoration work, including the Buffalo River cleanup, is revitalizing our shorelines and waterways and providing additional economic development opportunities and public access; and
  • Key transportation projects are improving connectivity to popular waterfront destinations, including those along the Outer Harbor.

There has been significant waterfront progress over recent years. The LWRP will provide a coordinated program to efficiently implement the vision and strategies over the next 20 years, ensuring the transformation of our waterfront to once again be a world class asset.



The diagram above illustrates the various components of the Green Code and how they relate to each other. Click here for a top-line description of each component.