We’re drafting the new zoning code!

New Directions in Zoning

Buffalo’s new land use plan is ready in draft form and we’re moving on to the second phase of the Buffalo Green Code project - actually rewriting the city’s 60-year old antiquated patchwork zoning ordinance.

The Buffalo Green Code promises to take a fresh approach to managing the development of our city - an approach introduced by Mayor Byron W. Brown to more than 300 citizens at Erie Community College City Campus on April 10.

Participants in the April 10 forum had a lot to say about the approach presented. You can review the presentation below, participants’ comments and survey responses. You can read the “New Directions in Zoning” white paper that explains the new approach or a more detailed technical report.

Buffalo Green Code April 10, 2012 Presentation

The new code will:

* Focus on form, function and character of development, rather than just old fashioned land use.

* Connect public realm and subdivision standards to zoning in a new Unified Development Ordinance; this will ensure private development meshes with public infrastructure investment.

* Provide a streamlined, user-friendly code to replace the current complicated and often contradictory system of land use regulations.

* Use simple language, descriptive graphics and tables to clearly convey the new regulations.

In early June, the City will hold a series of community open houses to introduce key components of the new code and describe how they will apply in your neighborhood and around the city. Citizens will also have an opportunity to comment further on the draft land use plan. Check back on the website for details on where and when.

Meanwhile, we want to know what you think - every step of the way. Send your comments and questions by e-mail [email protected] or by USPS to the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning, City Hall 920, Buffalo, NY 14202.