What’s better about the new code

How will the Green Code implement a place-based development strategy that encourages economic growth and job creation?

  • By eliminating rules that hinder the speed of investment decisions
  • By creating the flexibility investors need to be successful in a competitive and rapidly-evolving global economy
  • By setting clear and objective standards so that every developer can make great places in which to live, work, and invest

How can the Green Code encourage smart growth and sustainable development?

  • By eliminating rules that prevent the development of compact, mixed-use neighborhoods
  • By creating incentives for sustainable design techniques such as renewable energy and water conservation
  • By setting clear and objective standards for proper site design, comfortable urban form, and walkable, transit-friendly streets

How can the Green Code provide for a transparent and predictable development process?

  • By eliminating rules that are vague and confusing, and replacing complicated legal jargon with simple language and graphic illustrations
  • By creating the regulations required to implement the values and principles of the city’s adopted plans
  • By setting clear and objective standards that make it easy for investors to build what the community wants