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North Community Workshop

Park Meadow/ Parkside,
North Delaware/ North Park,
Shoshone Park and Central Park

Park Meadow/Parkside

Assets: Cultural amenities (Zoo, Albright-Knox, Historical Society); cultural attractions like Darwin Martin house; Delaware Park and Parkside streetscape; public and private schools; pedestrian/bicycle amenities pedestrian bridges, bike paths, and traffic circles.

Strengths: Strong community involvement - Crescent, Vernon Triangle, Central Park, etc.; amenities within walking distance; no vacancy, diverse mix of historic homes; potential reuse of historic structures (e.g. Pierce-Arrow building).

Weaknesses: Main Street vacancies; high speed traffic from 198; auto-oriented streets/businesses; traffic too fast; chain convenience/drug stores not investing in neighborhood; improve walkability.

New directions: Redevelop Great Arrow at Delaware similar to Larkin District; Mixed-use Main Street infused with new residential and green space; slow traffic and improve pedestrian/bicycle access on Delaware Avenue; downgrade 198 and include more green space.

North Delaware/North Park

Assets: Delaware Park and the Zoo; Hertel Avenue commercial strip; adaptive reuse of historic structures; Mix of styles, sizes and price of housing stock (Elmwood, Linden, Commonwealth, etc.); Community services YMCA, community center, library; public transit.

Strengths: Former railroad R.O.W great potential for redevelopment; Hertel Avenue is heart of the community; single family and strong homeownership; great housing stock; iconic buildings (e.g. North Park Theater); many unique neighborhood businesses that serve needs of surrounding community.

Weaknesses: Target commercial center high speed traffic and not contextual with neighborhood; suburban style development; vacant former industrial areas; little or no bike access; Kenmore Avenue crumbling infrastructure and disjointed development; lack of street trees.

New directions: Hertel reinforced as traditional urban commercial street; Breakup Target/Tops lots with additional infill development; encourage small local businesses not big box; emphasize verticality rather than horizontality between Elmwood and Delaware; vacant lots used for new urban infill housing/mixed-use; R.O.W redeveloped as neighborhood green space.

Shoshone and Central Park

Assets: Neighborhood parks and green space Burke's Green and Shoshone Park; Walkability and mixed-use of Hertel Avenue many unique and local businesses; Former railway used as bike path and nature trail; Adaptive reuse of old churches; Neighborhood schools.

Strengths: Large lot single family homes appreciate in value and sell quickly; various styles of local architecture; new retail and continued investment along Hertel Avenue; commercial corridor serves neighborhood; strong neighborhood associations Central Park; Colvin Estates new housing in Buffalo.

Weaknesses: Shoshone Park not maintained; absentee landlords and poorly maintained duplexes; vacant schools/buildings should be redeveloped; accessibility/parking issues on Hertel Avenue; improve lighting to increase safety; Kenmore Avenue too auto-centric; neighborhoods in transition.

New Directions: More pedestrian friendly mixed-use development along Kenmore Avenue; develop rail line into greenway/bike path; parking behind businesses not upfront; vacant buildings into housing senior housing, apartments, condos; fill in streetscape gaps with mixed-use; "grow taller".