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This is a demo page showcasing one use of SiteVista® utilized as a portfolio of places. See PlaceVision's portfolio as a working portfolio utilizing this layout.

Template files

Most used templates for portfolio viewing:
Portfolio Home
Properties Select
Property Search

For advanced web capabiities:
Home page
The index page can be utilized as a landing page or for any other purpose.

List Properties for Include
Use this page to list entries within SiteVista®

Properties For Include
This page is utilized to list entries in SiteVista on another website or from Wordpress running on the same domain. It uses Curl which prints to this template page.

Properties Include Gallery
This page is for including a gallery page via Curl.

This page will list all the entries in the database. You can format it however you wish.

There are also kml template files for the view of the project in the Google Earth balloon.

Demo of SiteVista