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Code Review Sessions Continue

Mayor Brown recently invited community stakeholders to assist with a section-by-section review of the city’s draft Unified Development Ordinance. Over the past several weeks, the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning has coordinated working groups on Uses, Parking and Access, Signs, and Administration. Almost 200 stakeholders - representing neighborhood organizations, businesses, developers, environmentalists, planners, architects, engineers, attorneys, and non-profits - have participated in this effort.

Over the next several weeks we will be arranging working groups for the remaining UDO sections, including:

  • Site development (scheduled for November 26)
  • Lighting
  • Retail districts
  • Industrial and office districts
  • Medical and educational districts
  • Neighborhoods
  • Parks and open space
  • The waterfront
  • Transportation / public realm

Your participation in the review process is highly valued, and we encourage you to volunteer for one of the remaining working groups. Once the reviews of all sections are completed, OSP and its consultant team will update the draft UDO. The revised draft will then be released for public review in January.


Please contact Christine Giambra at [email protected] or 851-4012 if you would like to participate.