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News & Events

The Green Code requires your input to make sure that the city’s new Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance meet the needs and expectations of its residents. There are a number of upcoming events that will allow you to learn more about our progress, and provide us with guidance and direction.

Please join us and help make the Green Code a success for everyone.

Check the Event Calendar for information on:

  • District Workshops
  • City-wide Open Houses
  • Working Groups
  • Community Advisory Committee meetings

Past E-newsletters

A Draft Zoning Ordinance is in the Works! [September 7, 2012]
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Planning for Economic Development [September 13, 2011 ]
Planning for Neighborhood Vitality [August 26, 2011]
What is Place Based Planning? [August 19, 2011]
February and March Community Workshops Summaries [July 6, 2011 ]

In the News

New zoning project will shape Buffalo’s future [June 4, 2012 ]
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New zoning project will shape Buffalo’s future [June 4, 2012]
City offers preview of the new zoning ordinance [June 4, 2012]
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Unlocking city’s future depends on new code [April 10, 2012]
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Zoning Technical Report released [April 5, 2012]
Buffalo looks to break zoning code out of Elvis age [January 6, 2012]
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Green Code will transform future of City of Buffalo [October 31, 2011]
Mayor Brown reveals City’s master plan [October 29, 2011]
City to unveil development plan [October 27, 2011]
Community voices heard as the city moves toward a new Green Code [March 1, 2011]
Planners map out future of Buffalo [March 1, 2011]
Planners ask the public about zoning changes to Buffalo [February 28, 2011]
Residents’ participation sought in overhaul of city zoning code [January 17, 2011]
AIA Buffalo/Western New York Chapter Helps Initiate New Queen City Green Code [April 2010]
City zoning code overhaul nears [August 29, 2010]
The (new) Green Zone [April 23, 2010]
City ready to revamp zoning code [April 23, 2010]
Buffalo Green Code: Mayor Brown announces zoning code overhaul [City April 23, 2010]