Land Use Plan

landuseplan_cover The Buffalo Green Code’s Land Use Plan is designed to provide a framework for decision-making about physical development.  It outlines the community’s expectations and preferences regarding future development.

What will the Land Use Plan do?

  • Identify existing conditions, as well as trends, issues, and opportunities that are expected to unfold over the next 20 years.
  • Establish the foundation for revising the city’s Zoning Code, setting capital improvement priorities and guiding subsequent neighborhood planning efforts.
  • Provide direction on land use, transportation, and physical development.

The Land Use Plan serves as a bridge between the city’s comprehensive plan and zoning code by recommending the appropriate type, intensity, and character of development. It envisions a future for Buffalo built around the restoration of walkable, mixed-use, transit-served neighborhoods and economic centers. The plan focuses on three core strategies: fuel economic generators, restore neighborhoods, and repair environmental assets.

Preliminary Draft Land Use Plan (October 2011)

A preliminary draft Land Use Plan and technical appendices were released in October 2011.

The Draft Land Use Plan will be available shortly.