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Buffalo has a rich legacy of planning, starting with Joseph Ellicott’s 1804 radial and grid street plan and Frederick Law Olmsted’s park and parkway system. The Buffalo Green Code benefits from a recent history of award-winning plans, studies, and guiding documents that collectively express the community’s vision for the future. The new zoning code will not attempt to “re-plan” the city, but will focus primarily on implementation.

In fact, Buffalo’s Comprehensive Plan makes clear a new, “green” zoning code is the Plan’s principal vehicle for implementation:

“The Comprehensive Plan also needs a revised zoning ordinance. As such, it can provide the measure of predictability and certainty that both investors and citizens require. Without a companion zoning ordinance the Comprehensive Plan will lack the enforceability that will make it credible and achievable.” - Buffalo’s Comprehensive Plan, Page 58

Buffalo’s Future Land Use Plan: 2012/32 (PDF 34MB)
Technical Appendix 1: Mapping Analysis (PDF 36MB)
Technical Appendix 2: Place-Based Planning Handbook (PDF 30MB)

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Buffalo’s Comprehensive Plan and the planning documents it incorporates by reference are the basis for Mayor Bryon W. Brown’s green code initiative. You can download these plans here:

acrobatQueen City in the 21st Century: Buffalo’s Comprehensive Plan (2006)

acrobatQueen City Hub Plan: A Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo, Volume 1, Overview (2003)

acrobatQueen City Hub Plan: A Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo, Volume 2, The Work Plan (2003)

acrobatQueen City Waterfront: Buffalo Waterfront Corridor Initiative: A Strategic Plan for Transportation Improvements (2007)

acrobatThe Olmsted City - The Buffalo Olmsted Park System: Plan for the 21st Century (2008)

The Buffalo Green Code is also informed by the smart growth objectives of the regional plan, Erie-Niagara Framework for Regional Growth (2006).

Buffalo’s existing zoning code, last updated in 1951, can be downloaded here.