Newsletter: Community Workshops Feb-March

The Green Code protects your community. You care about your property, how it looks and fits in with your neighborhood. You want your neighbors to do the same. The Buffalo Green Code will put in place rules that will bring added harmony to how our neighborhoods look and feel. That makes everyone’s property worth more.

It’s a “green” century.
New rules for building our city need to make room for the jobs of the future. But they also need to help us use less energy, do less driving, protect the quality of air, water and soil, and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Make your voice heard.
The best plan for Buffalo will be the one that brings the greatest rewards to the community. That can only happen if the community makes their values, priorities, and concerns heard in the planning process. Don’t wait until the plan and zoning ordinance have already become law. Let us know now. Participate in the community workshop in your neighborhood.

Download the Newsletter:
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