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A Draft Zoning Ordinance is in the Works!

Over the past two years the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning, its consultant team, and the community have been diligently working on the Buffalo Green Code. This past June, over 400 residents attended neighborhood open houses, providing significant input for the new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). Based upon this input and the thousands of comments received prior to these meetings, our consultants have been busy preparing a draft of the UDO, and we are now ready to start reviewing the details.

We are inviting community stakeholders to work with us over the next month and a half to thoroughly study the draft UDO. We want volunteers to help us identify and smooth out rough edges, and discuss policy concepts in the code in detail.
We are forming groups to to study ten subject areas in the code:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Retail strips and centers
  • Industrial and office sites
  • Medical and educational campuses
  • Open spaces and the waterfront
  • Streets, parking, and access
  • The environment
  • Signs
  • Uses
  • Code Administration

If you have interest or experience in any of these topics, and would like to review materials, provide written comments, and participate in a follow-up session with other stakeholders, please contact Christine Giambra from the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning at [email protected] or 851-4012.

Thanks! We look forward to working with you.