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Central Community Workshop
Central Green Space
Central Business
Central Mixed-Use
Central Residential
Central Retail
East Community Workshop
East Green Space
East Business
East Mixed-Use
East Residential
East Retail
Ellicott Community Workshop
Ellicott Green Space
Ellicott Business
Ellicott Mixed-Use
Ellicott Residential
Ellicott Retail
Masten-E. Delavan Community Workshop
Masten-E. Delavan Green Space
Masten-E. Delavan Business
Masten-E. Delavan Mixed-Use
Masten-E. Delavan Residential
Masten-E. Delavan Retail
North Community Workshop
North Green Space
North Business
North Mixed-Use
North Residential
North Retail
Northeast Community Workshop
Northeast Green Space
Northeast Business
Northeast Mixed-Use
Northeast Residential
Northeast Retail
Northwest Community Workshop
Northwest Green Space
Northwest Business
Northwest Mixed-Use
Northwest Residential
Northwest Retail
South Community Workshop
South Green Space
South Business
South Mixed-Use
South Residential
South Retail
West Community Workshop
West Green Space
West Business
West Mixed-Use
West Residential
West Retail

Community Workshop Summaries

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Buffalo Green Code

The new Buffalo Green Code will be the first opportunity Buffalonians have had in nearly sixty years to establish a new regulatory framework for the development of our neighborhoods.

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