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Strength and Weakness:

To lay a foundation for future land use decisions, workshop participants were asked to assess the current dynamics in their neighborhoods. Participants identified strong blocks that should remain unchanged, weak blocks that could benefit from change and areas where there are transportation issues. Feel free to explore the results in the interactive map above.

New Directions:

After diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, participants were asked to suggest some "new directions" for blocks that they thought were in need of change. Participants pointed to areas where there should be more green space, new residential development, a better mix of uses, increased retail activity and additional business opportunities. Click on the links below to explore the results by the type of new land use direction.

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West Community Workshop

Allentown/ Delaware,
Prospect Hill/ West Side,
Elmwood Village,
Lakeview/ Lower West Side


Assets: Local businesses, coffee shops, grocers; Olmstedian legacy; community organizations; historical properties; neighborhood gardens, farms, greenhouses; historical architecture; international residents.

Strengths: Grant and Ferry; Richmond; Bidwell parkway; Lafayette; the waterfront; Essex and Massachusetts; quiet residential streets; neighborhood parks; limited parking lots equals more walking.

Weaknesses: Vacant commercial properties on Grant; suburban style commercial lots; residential vacancies are a breeding ground for violence and drugs;late night student activity disrupts homeowners; traffic from Peace Bridge; lack of community sports facility; lack of playgrounds.

New Directions: More mixed uses along Delevan, Forest, Grant, Niagara, Essex and Pooley; small scale green space improvements on Parkdale, Gelston and Auburn; green spaces should be placed along Niagara, occupied factories should remain, vacant buildings should have retail and commercial activity; Scajaquada should be a parkway rather than an expressway, increase multi-modal opportunities; infill in residential blocks should maintain neighborhood character.


Assets: Historic neighborhoods; neighborhood churches; diversity of housing stock; arts and cultural activities; accessibility to both forms of public transportation; streetscape along Richmond; connections to Olmstead Park; commercial nodes.

Strengths: Cottage district; dense neighborhood fabric; Youville College; BNMC; bike paths along Richmond; mansions.

Weaknesses: Peace Bridge expansion; not enough multi-modal opportunities; closing of Gates Circle hospital; sidewalks along South Elmwood and Allen too small; new development instead of renovation of existing buildings; larger number convenient stores.

New Directions: Business development to foster job growth; turning vacant properties into community gardens; more urban farms or co-ops; wider sidewalks; zoning for backyard farming; mixed use that encourages outdoor seating.

Prospect Hill/West Side

Assets: Urban farms and community gardens; historic architectural buildings/ icons; Garden Walk area; historic churches; neighborhoods parks; Olmstead parkways; Cultural and arts centers; historic churches; public library; Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP).

Strengths: Density of housing fabric; growing home ownership; mixture of businesses; walkability; waterfront and neighborhood parks; tavern district; "Olmstead Corridor"; community involvement.

Weaknesses: Housing vacancy or deterioration on great streets; few options public transportation options; Peace Bridge and duty free; 190 on/off ramps on Niagara.

New Directions: Mixed use infill with height regulations on Niagara, Porter, near D'Youville, Connecticut, near Episcopal home; retail infill near Connecticut, Grant Street; integrate local green space along Rhode Island; limit surface parking; vacant lots could become pocket parks; neighborhood along Peace Bridge.

Elmwood Village

Assets: Bidwell Parkway; local cafes, boutiques; pedestrian friendly streets; gallery district; Linwood Parkway and other tree-lined streets; credit union; Delaware Park connections; local restaurants.

Strengths: Summer arts activities; pedestrian friendly neighborhoods; historical housing stock; historical architecture; stable occupancy.

Weaknesses: Vacancies and depreciated housing value on Potomac, Forest, Bullfeathers, Bird, Granger, and Auburn-Hoyt; high speed traffic on Harvard place, Delaware S curve, Linwood and Delavan; golf course at Delaware park is too big and under-used; Gates Circle is not pedestrian friendly.

New Directions: Mixed use to reinforce the walkable street character; more housing options for residents to "age in place"; open Gates Circle to a farmer's market; increase public transportation options along Elmwood and Main.

Lakeview/ Lower West Side

Assets:Olmstead Circles; proximity to downtown; community parks; local churches; ethnic restaurants; community organizations; historic landmarks; neighborhood fabric; Cottage Street architecture; cultural arts center; walkability.

Strengths: Convenience of local restaurants and shops; parks are well maintained and a great place for recreational activity; Niagara Street business district; home rehabilitation projects are reinforcing neighborhood character.

Weaknesses: Existing vacant housing; poorly paved roads; potential growth of the Peace Bridge into neighborhood; disrupting behavior on Chippewa; potential suburban development; shuttle buses to/from Kleinhan's; drug activity on Virginia.

New Directions: Increased green space, creation of urban retail areas; shops, restaurants and restrooms near LaSalle Park; adaptive reuse of existing buildings while adding new structures; streetscape improvements; encourage tree plantings; enforcement of recommendations.

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