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Strength and Weakness:

To lay a foundation for future land use decisions, workshop participants were asked to assess the current dynamics in their neighborhoods. Participants identified strong blocks that should remain unchanged, weak blocks that could benefit from change and areas where there are transportation issues. Feel free to explore the results in the interactive map above.

New Directions:

After diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, participants were asked to suggest some "new directions" for blocks that they thought were in need of change. Participants pointed to areas where there should be more green space, new residential development, a better mix of uses, increased retail activity and additional business opportunities. Click on the links below to explore the results by the type of new land use direction.

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Masten-E. Delavan Community Workshop

MLK Park Neighborhood,
Humboldt Parkway/ Northampton,
Schiller Park/ Kenfield,
Hamlin Park,
Fruitbelt/ BNMC,
Cold Spring/ Masten Park

MLK Park Neighborhood

Assets: Local restaurants, community schools; housing stock on Humboldt; industrial land can benefit the community; community parks; community resource centers; new public housing on Ferry and Grider; public transportation along major routes.

Strengths: Science museum; opportunities along commercial strip leading up to MLK Park; residential properties along Humboldt and Parade Street; hospital area around ECMC has the potential for economic development.

Weaknesses: Demolition of existing housing for new housing; weak commercial activity along Jefferson and Fillmore; boarded up vacant housing; empty factories along Fillmore.

New Directions:Rehabilitation along Utica; infill development should reflect existing housing; mixed-use development along commercial corridors.


Assets: Neighborhood block clubs; community centers; local churches; hospitals; accessibility to both forms of public transportation; local restaurants.

Strengths: Housing stock; potential for development of Central Park Plaza; historic churches; local businesses; existing buildings; stable occupancy along Titus Avenue.

Weaknesses: Disintegrating community; demolished housing; 33 expressway; poorly maintained streets; stores not owned by local residents; traffic makes Filmore - Delavan intersection and Oberlin Avenue dangerous.

New Directions: Incorporate more mixed used along commercial corridors; Central Park Plaza could be a walkable retail district; residential infill should have off-street parking; urban agriculture/ parks in vacant spaces.

Humboldt Parkway/ Northampton

Assets: Churches; housing near MLK Park; supermarket; schools; community organizations; recreation centers.

Strengths: MLK park and surrounding housing; housing stock in Kingsley area; Jefferson commercial strip, diversity of businesses; availability of senior housing; Main Street retail.

Weaknesses: Poorly maintained sidewalks; vacant areas; lack of economic development opportunities.

New Directions: Increase residential lot sizes to accommodate multiple cars; additional green spaces to be maintained by community gardening organization.

Schiller Park/ Kenfield

Assets: Beautiful community parks, great natural features; schools; neighborhood retail plazas; religious organizations; community centers; accessibility to commercial activity on Bailey

Strengths: Neighborhoods near parks have access to recreational activities; commercial activity along Bailey; expansion of ECMC; traffic flow and commercial activity on Walden; historic housing stock on Connelly and Decker; density in residential areas; strong residential neighborhoods on Erskine and Ruspin; access to airport and downtown from Genesee.

Weaknesses: Vacant commercial properties; Olympic exit from the 33; area surrounding Wende; absence of police presence around E. Ferry and Grider projects; expanded Liberty school bus lot has increased noise and fumes, not good environment for nearby residential properties; vacancy at Central Park Plaza.

New Directions: Urban retail centers along Genesee towards downtown; business center at Central Park Plaza; economic development to support existing businesses; streetscape improvements; private green spaces near Langfield Homes.

Hamlin Park

Assets:Historical houses; schools; senior housing; neighborhood parks; historical churches; community centers; houses of prominent Buffalo figures, Mayor's house.

Strengths: Neighborhood parks; library; historic houses in good condition; double houses; home owners interest in the neighborhood.

Weaknesses:Parts of the neighborhood where college students live; neighborhood delis; abandoned areas and vacant lots.

New Directions: Change student housing to single family residential; infill housing with community open space; mixed use along Jefferson and Fillmore.


Assets:Neighborhood schools; tree canopy on residential streets; community gardens; local church community activities; 700 block of Main Street; Roswell Garden; BNMC is a business incubator; access to public transportation.

Strengths: Strong homeownership, residents care about their homes; high density of long term residents in Fruitbelt; new development along Ellicot; "bones" in commercial areas; training sessions at Masten St. Armory; row houses that remain on Emerson and Woodlawn; renovation at Doubletree hotel and surrounding area.

Weaknesses: No transition between FruitBelt neighborhood and BNMC; single-use neighborhoods, residents have to drive out of the community to get food; vacant area around HSBC, used as a thoroughfare and scary for pedestrians; vacant and aging housing in the Fruitbelt; boarded up BMHA housing.

New Directions: Keep the highways West of Michigan; expand Wilson Street farm; neighborhood groceries that provide affordable fresh food; improve streetscapes; gardens spaces near to public schools to provide educational opportunities.

Cold Spring/Masten Park

Assets:Cultural diversity along Laurel; historical and cultural architecture; community activities at cultural centers; unique streets Cooper and Timon; pocket parks, circular houses.

Strengths: Residential near Sisters Hospital; stable housing along Michigan; housing stock near Canisius neighborhood; commercial districts on Main and Delavan.

Weaknesses: Michigan Avenue needs a service sector, not pedestrian friendly; Main Street is too wide, not walkable, sidewalks not wide enough; land use on Ferry Street; disintegration of historical neighborhood along Michigan and Main.

New Directions: Streetscape improvements; mixed use development along Michigan and Jefferson; more development near Washington Market; incorporate green spaces in residential areas, including jogging trails.

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Buffalo Green Code

The new Buffalo Green Code will be the first opportunity Buffalonians have had in nearly sixty years to establish a new regulatory framework for the development of our neighborhoods.

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