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Strength and Weakness:

To lay a foundation for future land use decisions, workshop participants were asked to assess the current dynamics in their neighborhoods. Participants identified strong blocks that should remain unchanged, weak blocks that could benefit from change and areas where there are transportation issues. Feel free to explore the results in the interactive map above.

New Directions:

After diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, participants were asked to suggest some "new directions" for blocks that they thought were in need of change. Participants pointed to areas where there should be more green space, new residential development, a better mix of uses, increased retail activity and additional business opportunities. Click on the links below to explore the results by the type of new land use direction.

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South Community Workshop

Abbott/ McKinley,
South Park/Triangle/Hopkins
Seneca/ Cazenovia


Assets: McKinley Parkway, including bike lanes; Tosh Collins, community center, rink, and pool; Mercy Hospital; Trocaire College; Buffalo Irish Center; Tifft Farm nature preserve; churches of all denominations; pocket parks; strong block clubs; reconstructed schools.

Strengths: Red Jacket/McKinley/Abbott neighborhood; Residential character South Park to McKinley and McKinley to Abbott, Lakewood to Whitfield; also Abbott to Legion, Mumford to Meriden; strong neighborhood around Potters and Abbott; commercial strip potential on South Park south from Southside.

Weaknesses: Vacant commercial storefronts, South Park around Richfield, Abbott near Tamarack; Southside and South Park, signalization problems; Abbott at Columbus, traffic too fast; Potters at Lorraine, many traffic dangers; Trocaire and the hospital encroaching on the neighborhood; Seneca at city line, opportunity for redevelopment.

New directions: Maintain medium lot residential around Trocaire and Mercy Hospital; urban business center, McKinley at Southside; make public green space public, Abbott at Edgewood; street green space, Abbott at Strathmore.

South Park/Triangle/Hopkins

Assets: South Park itself, South Park Lake, and The Botanical Gardens; McKinley Parkway and its roundabouts; Okell Park; Recckio's bowling alleys; Tops Supermarket; Price Trucking - long term business; Okell and Mulley parks - though both need maintenance; Small Boat Harbor and Dug's Dive;

Strengths: Residential stock between South Park and McKinley, Como to Dorrance; Hollywood/Ramona around the Discovery School; neighborhood south of Tifft, Hopkins to South Park; Senior housing and Irish architecture around Holy Family Church; LKQ auto parts dealer doing a good job; Nevilly as a buffer between industry and neighborhoods; Tifft Farm nature preserve; the waterfront nearby; Tifft Playfields; Buffalo Lakeside Commerce park; the Buffalo River.

Weaknesses: Industrial area along Hopkins; junkyards; repave Hopkins; Tifft Street is tough for bikes and pedestrians; undefined area along Tifft west of railways has no purpose; industrial areas conflicting with residential; South Park Avenue - not working as a neighborhood street; Housing - South Park to Hopkins, Pries to Good; housing violations on Woodside; fast traffic on Harding, Ridgewood, Culver.

New directions: Industrial uses, better controlled, west of Hopkins; auto oriented business - marinas at McKinley and the river; mixed use on South Park near Bloomfield and Abbott at Midland; waterfront urban retail center open year round; trail access, South Park at Bertha; recreation at Nevilly; green space to augment Tifft corridor at railway; buffer industries from residential along Hopkins; keep residential on Woodside; community gardens at Hopkins and Pries; keep small lot residential, Kingston near Seneca.


Assets: Cazenovia Park, of course; other parks like Indian, Hillery, Pawnee, Houghton; heritage sites like Buffum House, Hero's Grove, many churches; community centers like Tosh Collins and Machnica; the community library; proximity to Cazenovia and Buffalo River waterfronts; local restaurants like The Blackthorn; Ko-ed Candies - best sponge candy! - the whole Seneca-Cazenovia commercial district.

Strengths: Always, the park; Seneca and Cazenovia - shops, housing, services; great houses between Abbott and Legion, Athol to Stevenson; Pawnee Block of cottage style homes ; Hayden Street - strongest block club; Buffum Street - grand houses with deep lots; housing along Frank, Pritchard, Fields.

Weaknesses: Seneca Street - weak, tattered, vacant; Seneca from Mineral Springs to Duerstein - buildings need upkeep, off-street parking; Avon to Pomona off Seneca - signs of wear; flooding in Cazenovia Park; problems in Cazenovia Creek; Hillery Park needs better maintenance; Kingston and Princeton townhouses in disrepair.

New directions: Greenway from Houghton Park to Cazenovia Park; neighborhood green space west of S. Ogden and north of Mineral Springs; auto-oriented retail, Elk at Bailey; Caz Park Casino - small scale retail; strip plaza Seneca at Maywood; medium lot residential at Houghton Academy; mid-rise mixed use along Seneca

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